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WikiDashboard uses the live feed of Wikipedia powered by MediaWiki Toolserver. The dashboard will show any changes made on each page almost instantly. However, every good thing comes with a cost. Since the MediaWiki Toolserver is experimental and shared by many users, there is no guarantee that the server will be available 100% of time.

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Article WikiDashboard

The top summary graph shows the weekly edit pattern of the article. This graph can help users to easily identify any interesting incidents in the article history, e.g., a sudden burst of edit.

Below the article edit summary graph, the active users of the article are ordered by the number of edits they made on the page. The weekly edit activity graph of each editor on the right side of the dashboard enables users to investigate when the edits by that editor were made. A darker red bar denotes more activity in a particular week. With this graph, it is easy to examine patterns on how an article evolves over time between multiple editors.

This dashboard will be shown inside every page of English Wikipedia other than User or User talk pages where the User WikiDashboard will be embedded instead.

article dashboard

User WikiDashboard

The User WikiDashboard, embedded in User or User talk pages, presents a visual summarization of acitvities of individual Wikipedia editors.

A user page is a special space like a home page to display information relating to a user. In WikiDashboard, each user page has a User WikiDashboard embedded, displaying the article contribution and editing patterns of that user. Similar to the Article Dashboard, the top summary graph shows the editor’s weekly edit activity.

It is easy to examine the editor’s overall edit patterns in the past. The User WikiDashboard provides a list of Wikipedia pages where the editor has made edits. The list is ordered by the volume of contribution and includes the corresponding article-editor activity graphs on the right side.

user dashboard
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